Friday, October 12, 2012

A Slice of Life

A Slice of My Life

This is what life looked like.
On that day.
At that time.

Sitting in my van waiting for my son during soccer practice.
Been sick. Couldn't find the tissue box.
TP will do.
Book bag on the floor full of library books to return.
Smaller bag on seat with journal and current read ready to go.
My phone, used tissue, green tea in my favorite mug.
Oh yeah. And reading glasses as it appears my eyes are aging.

This is a slice of my life.

As Is
Not Staged
No Apologies
Real Life

I don't think we see enough of this on the internet.
I know I don't.
I see pretty images.
I see edited photos.
I see staged shots.

While lovely to look at, they tend to make real life seem inferior after a while.
I wander around the web looking for inspiration and leave feeling like something is lacking.

I wanna see real life relatable shots for a change! 
Even if it's just for one blog thread.
What does your real life look like?
C'mon! Indulge me!

Love your life as is!
Every slice!
Share with me!

(I would love to learn how to do one of those 'add your link here' things. For now, please share a link to your every day pic(s) in the comment section. I double dog dare you!) 


John said...

Ah, real life...... Yes many try to avoid it yet it never goes away. Of course when we accept it we can work with it! Great thought provoking post Nacherluver.

Uta said...

I paint my real life ... does that count???

Jan said...

I'll post mine on FB I don't really want to blog about it right now since I haven't blogged since the tribe (minus one)was here.

Jess said...

I truly do try to keep it real (okay, maybe I kick a few toys out of the way before I take pictures). But. Challenge accepted.

Oh, and the TP thing? I do that too.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I see so much beauty
in your real!
~that toilet paper is priceless
and the reading glasses are
right there where you need them
and that mug is delicious
and the library books to return
bring back the sweetest sort
of memories:)
thanks for sharing the simple glory
of you being you:)

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