Friday, February 4, 2011


Looking for something different?
Looking for change?
Are you bored and trying to spice up your life?
Perhaps you are stuck in a rut and not sure how to escape.
Is your situation less than desireable?
Do you wish you were treated differently than you are?
You can change your life drastically with one little word.


One of my favorite parts of motherhood is learning from my children.
Lennon (the cat) was playing in the kitchen the other day.
He was batting around two of his favorite toys.
Pipe cleaners and hair bands.
Inevitably they end up piled in a corner or lost under an appliance.

On this particular day, as I was cooking supper, 
he proceeded to bat his collection into a pile at the edge of the room.
He was busy amusing himself while I was stuck making meal #1,785,832.
My Princess Girl walks in the room.
She watches her beloved kitten for a while.
She then proceeds to walk in the next room continually observing Lennon.
As she passes from one room to the next she stops in her tracks,
studies his pile of toys and proclaims, "Lennon can spell!"

Unsure of what she was talking about
I walked to where she was standing
and looked at his toys from a different perspective.
Sure enough, that boy is smarter than I ever gave him credit for.
Lennon CAN spell!!!!

I learn so much from my children.
That day's lesson has stuck with me.
It opened my eyes to the possibility of changing a situation
simply by changing perspective.
I have been thinking about it for days now.
The word has potential to change so much!
Have a problem you haven't been able to solve?
Look at it from a new perspective.
Not happy with a situation?
Change your perspective.
Stuck in an artistic rut?
Get a new perspective!
Think of something that has been less than grand in your life lately.
Now turn it around and look at it in a different perspective.
What did you come up with?

Wishing you a weekend full of happiness and childlike wisdom.

Peace to YOU!


John said...

Amazing story and peace to you and yours.

Lenetté said...

freakin fantastic!!!!!!!

The Vintage Sister said...

so funny! kids notice the best things:)

beth said...

oh kids. sometimes you just gotta love them...well, i guess all the time you do, but sometimes a bit more than other times :)

Caroline said...

It is all perspective. Oh gosh, I have to teach myself this lesson everyday. Somehow, during my sleep, I forget this...and must re-learn it every morning. ;)

gypsysticks said...

brillian wisdom.
thanks for the perspective

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