Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have a self-discovery partner.

Is that cheating? To have a partner at "self" discovery?
Maybe I should phrase it like this...
A good friend and I are keeping each other inspired and motivated
while simultaneously working on our own self-discovery.

(More wordy and precise, but also more stuffy, no?) 

At any rate, "J" and I are making art dates. Choosing local artistic venues and setting the date. Keeping each other inspired through e-mail. Sharing inspirational links, motivational words.
A few weeks ago, "J" sent me a package in the mail. The package included a card made by a participant of The Very Special Arts Center (Madison, WI) which works with disabled individuals on self-growth through art. Inside the card was a note explaining how "J" had been going through some of her creative books in order to "organize her mind and space" to focus on her goals. In the process, she had found several books she thought fit my path better than hers. 
What a wonderful and lovely surprise it was to receive her package of inspiration!

Yesterday I sent a package in return. I had fallen in love with Mind's Eye Journals we had come across at an art fair we attended a few weeks ago. I mean IN LOVE!!!! They were gorgeous! They were also not in my budget. Being an at-home-mom of four does not often allow for such extravagance. I vowed that some day I would own one. For now, I will settle. 

I went into the dungeon (my basement studio) and dug around a bit. I came up with some raw materials and an idea. I watched YouTube, watched a library video and read a few books on book binding. Then I went to work. I created a journal for "J" and a journal for myself. They are not professional, they are not perfect. They are simply a loving place for each of us to start our journey of self-expression. Words, painting, collage, who knows what the finished journals will hold. 

Each journal is covered with a quote specific to its owner. May they bring us creativity, freedom and peace.


lori vliegen said...

my mouth is watering over your journals.....they are fabulous!!! you did a great job!! i know you'll fill them up with all kinds of wonderfully inspired thoughts and dreams! and i know that "J" will enjoy such a special gift, too!!! :))

aimee said...

these journals are unbelievably cool... and what a great idea to have an art buddy. i think pairing up with someone else for a project like this has the potential to bring out all sorts of things in us that working alone wouldn't do. can't wait to see more of the journey!

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