Monday, July 12, 2010

Techie Troubles

I spent weeks researching a point-and-shoot digital camera with video capability. I seriously searched the web, stores, consumer reports, and more!!! I figure if I'm looking to spend $300 or more I want to be happy. I'm now thinking that's too much to ask. I have an SLR that I adore. It gives me great shots. I am spoiled. Two problems. First off, it's not really mine. It's on "constant borrow" contract from my mother. Second, I have no video camera and my little ones don't seem to think that is good enough reason to stop growing!!! Argh!

I figured it would be best to get a point-and-shoot with vid so I could have it on me at all times (you know, small enough for the ol' purse dealy). Othewise I would be buying a camcorder and having to haul an extra bag everywhere for my SLR and camcorder. Great for some of the time but not all the time.

My forever search resulted in me purchasing a Nikon Coolpix S8000. I am NOT HAPPY.  My camera dude (guy who's been working with me at the store) says my eye is too good. I notice things most people wouldn't. That I just won't get the quality out of a point-and-shoot. That I have to shell out big bucks for a HD camcorder and haul my SLR around if I want superior quality.

Crap! I knew it. I don't have big bucks and I want convenience. Quality and convenience for $350 is too much to ask? To me that IS big bucks!

Does anyone out there have a point-and-shoot they're happy with? Should I just learn to suck-it-up and use this one for play? How do I settle with the fact it's not as good as I desire? Anyone know the number to a Sugar Daddy?

Anyways, here are some pics of my superb weekend!!! It was brilliant, amazing, stupendous, a total memory maker!!! The pictures are sub-par in my book. I'm going to try to remember the good times and stop focusing on the shitty shots!!!

 These are the best of the best. I literally threw a bunch in the virtual trash bin. I do understand that I could help them along in Photoshop, but I want to start with a brilliant photo, you know what I mean? Do I ask too much? Will I find a Point-&-Shoot to satisfy me? Should I return the camera and save further for a camcorder to go with my SLR? Or should I suck it up and enjoy this one as a toy and allow the kids to play too?

I know, I know. What a whiner, Huh?


G-Pride Farm said...

Suck it up and enjoy this one. Play with the features and see if that makes you somewhat happier. You caught some great reflections with this one on the water. Hang in there for someday when you can afford that out of pocket reach for now one, and enjoy the moments now. Good luck and pics are awesome.

lori vliegen said...

yikes.....i feel your pain with this one!!! i'm not techy at all, but i know what i want, and i want it all for a good price! and no, i don't think that's too much to ask! it looks like you're having fabulous luck with this camera....great photos! as far as asking the kids to stop growing until you can work out the vid portion of your dilemma.....i'll have to think on that one......
hang in there! :)))

beth said...

i love my little sony cyber shot :)

lots !

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