Monday, April 22, 2013


I have been trying to post for some time. I miss this space. It has proven quite hard to find the quiet time and peace of mind to delve into writing lately. Here is a short list of reasons why
1. a week of bronchitis followed by a week of a wicked virus
2. root canal turned jaw infection cured by second antibiotic
3. threw out my lower back making daily chores feel like daily nightmares and setting me further behind
4. a week of bad news around the country bombarding me while I fought flood waters in my basement
5. three kids home sick today (praying I am spared this go-round)

I have quite a few posts in the draft stage. The 'writing zone' has eluded me lately. When a quiet moment presents itself, I have been inclined to grab a mug of something warm and dive into a book, if only for a moment. Temporary escape at its finest.


beth said...

life can beat us up and holy crap, you've been in the boxing ring and beaten to a pulp......poor you !

maybe this week, with a touch of spring in the air, will get you and the sickies all back up and on your feet !!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh friend, big tender hug
and some love wrapped in prayer
for the sweetest peace settling in tender and some stretchy grace
to ride these waves to smoother waters.
holding you dear to heart,

John said...

What a hard time you have been having, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Uta said...

Hope things improve for you real soon.

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! That is a whole lot on one plate. Take good care of you. And that book diving sounds like the ideal thing right now.
Catch you when you resurface.Light and love !

Elena said...

Hey is it true the Universe only gives you what you can handle? Damn you must be like Wonder Woman...

Jaime said...

You have been through the ringer!!!!

Now I am sending you even bigger love and warmer hugs. A mug and a book can make the best remedy ever. Take good care of yourself.

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