Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My husband was called away on business last week. His company was shipping him down to Florida for a few days so he could train some of their guys down there. It was spring break for the kids so we tagged along. The kids and I have never been to the east coast so it was pretty special.

I was sick the whole time and am still trying to recoup so I'm not feeling real chatty, but I will say that the trip was good for me in many ways. This morning I was driving my daughter to school and a word settled into my lap. It made itself at home and snuggled up to me nudging and purring like a new kitten.  It felt so good that I decided I would take it home and spend some time with it. Perhaps it will stick around for a while. Perhaps it is here to stay.

The little word that came to play?


This is Ruby Falls. It is a waterfall found deep in a mountain in Chattanooga, TN. The day before we left for our trip we took the van in for an oil change and brake job. The guy working the counter asked where we were going. When we said "Florida", he said, "If you get a chance, stop at Ruby Falls. It's one of the greatest memories I have as a child." We went home, I looked it up. Amazingly, it was located just a few miles from where I reserved our hotel for the drive down. I had never been to Chattanooga before and picked it on a whim. We spent the night at the hotel and went to Ruby Falls first thing in the morning before heading out. I am going to bring donuts to the shop this week in thanks for the great travel tip as it was a very special part of our trip. The waterfall was lit up with many lights and there was dramatic music playing. Quite the scene! The entire half mile trek through the mountain (streams, stalagmites, stalactites) was amazing.


Jaime said...

oooh, that is a good word. It is ripe with potential. I love how it settled over you so gently, quietly enticing you. I wonder what gifts it brings?

John said...

What a great image Nacherluver. Your trip was filled with possibility and you made it possible. :)

april said...

Beautiful place! Wish you would have felt better for your trip; so nice you could all go!

Jan said...

I'm glad you were all able to go and it sounds as though Ruby Falls was a wonderful visit too. Sorry you were feeling so under the weather, why couldn't that have held off until after you had returned??? But who's to know, you might not have experienced the same possibilities had you felt better.

beth said...

serendipity could be your word, too.....i'm glad your trip, even with a sickness, was wonderful !!

Elena said...

Beautiful falls, beautiful word. I'm so excited you were handed this opportunity for a family vacation. It's something you've been wanting for a long time ;)

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