Friday, April 13, 2012

More Choices

 Good Morning Blog Land!

 I'm happy to report that my days are looking brighter and my mood has lifted considerably. Part of this new found lease on life is due to the time I have had to heal and the work I have been doing to heal what woes me. Part of it is due to the warmth and love of those around me who reached out with supportive embraces and threw lifelines for me to grab if needed. Another part of healing my heart is my recent epiphany about choices. (Read my last post on choices if you're not sure what I'm referring to).

When I was at my lowest, feeling devastation and heartbreak, I lost all faith. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will know that "faith" happens to be my word of the year. I was warned (by my soul sis Elena) that picking a word for the year is entirely different than when a word picks you. "When one picks you" she warned, "watch out!" She wasn't kidding!!!!!

One not so great feeling I experienced during my recent life upheaval was the loss of joy. I felt as if the joy was sucked right out of me. When the clouds started to clear and my heart started to heal, I thought about joy and how much I missed it. Remembering my new daily choice ritual, the decision was made to put joy at the top of my daily choice list. When I think of joy, one of the people I think of is Ashley from Li'l Blue Boo. She is an amazing woman with a beautiful family, strength of steel and an uber fun blog and business! She is a huge proponent of Choosing Joy. You can find out more about her HERE.

While on her blog, make sure you check out her tutorials, give-a-way opportunities, free downloads, her shop and more! If you click on the link, you will also find out more about her choose joy mission and the bracelets she sells. In honor of my new found choices ritual, to support joy and to help support and honor Ashley, I have purchased a pack of her "Choose Joy" bracelets. I have plans for most of them, but I would like to take this opportunity to host a give-a-way of my own!

photo source:

If you comment on this post, I will put your name in a hat for a chance to win a choose joy bracelet. I will randomly pick three winners to be part of the "Choose Joy" movement! If chosen, I will e-mail you and let you know you have won! Simply e-mail a response with your mailing information and I will send your bracelet on its way! Names have been chosen - winners will be contacted. Thank you!

The choice to promote My Etsy Shop has always felt like a hard one. I am really good at promoting others, believing in others, seeing the potential in others, helping others. I am not, however, very good at applying the same care to myself. Consider it a mix of fear, unease, disbelief... do you see a negative pattern here? Me too! THAT has to stop! I choose to be successful, I choose to stop hiding, I choose to lose the fear of judgment and embrace self-expression. Also, my oldest son is graduating from high school in a few months and this at-home-mama is cash poor!!! I want to throw one heck-of-a party for my first born so self-promote I will! To kick start my party fund, I am holding a one week sale in my shop. For 20% off, enter the code "yippee" at checkout. Feel free to spread the word! Thanks!

To go along with the shameless self-promotion of my shop, I should give a shout-out to the fact tat I'm teaching a class!!! Yay!!!! I adore encaustics and cannot wait to share my passion with others.

Here is the tiny hotplate I use for my encaustic medium.

Here is the new hotplate purchased to make gobs of medium to share with the class.

Here is the beeswax and damar resin mixing and melting away.

Here you have glorious encaustic medium waiting for eager students to play!

Are you still here? Well, blessings to you for your patience!

Hugs, love and all that ooey gooey stuff to you and yours this weekend.


Glenn Stenson said...

I am so proud of you for choosing joy! You are not the only one that struggles with self-promotion. Don't know if it'll do any good, but I just threatened all my FB friends with your link.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the encaustics~~I have considered trying it several times. Have used strictly beeswax before and liked it.
I guess I was trying to avoid equipment for ONE MORE MEDIUM.
However, I am rethinking. :-)
You deserve copious amounts of joy DAILY!


Jennifer Richardson said...

so glad for your fresh joy
and the support you're feeling
and would love to get my hands
in that wonderful goo!
looks like fun:)
happy hopeful weekend to you,

Caroline said...

I love this post...and I can feel the joy here. I remember the year I choose the word "bloom" OMG...that was just insane. But looking back, I need to grow up BIG TIME! Last year my word was believe (I still carry that word with me this year too). For 2012 I choose the word "soar' it's a biggie for me...and I am being challenged! But I am pushing myself.

Love that you are back writing! I gotta check out your store!!!


John said...

Excellent Nacherluver, and you are teaching too, most impressed and not before time! :)

Jan said...

Joy is good. Have you heard that song by Lucinda Williams, Joy? about her taking her joy back after having someone take it from her.
I see a local art store is going to be having an encaustic demonstration later this month and I think I'll go. Like Anne, I have dabbled a bit with some plain bees wax and might like to play more with that. I really don't need more supplies though. Now I shall go check your friend's blog.

beth said...

of course i want one of those bracelets....and if you keep teaching, i'm coming down there to take a class with you :)

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