Friday, July 12, 2013


I adore old keys. Growing up in ancient houses probably helped spark my adoration of keys as I remember the skeleton keys that went to our locks. Holding one in my hand today is a flashback to the past. A piece of key shaped childhood. Of freedom and fun, play and carefree days.

Antique keys hold so much mystery. They unlock the imagination. Who did they belong to? What secrets did they lock safely away? They represent security.

I was gifted a handful of keys (pic taken via iPad) recently from a lovely friend. I have great hope for their use as the possibilities are endless. I imagine using them in photographs, encaustic art, making a mobile or windchime, something loving and artsy. Instead, they end up hidden away in a drawer. Treasures of their own, ironically locked away for safe keeping, their potential lying stagnant as I cannot bare to part with them. Perhaps it was growing up poor that causes me to hang onto treasure as when I open the drawer that holds my collection, I feel like the richest girl on the block. That alone makes them worth their weight.

Still, it saddens me, this inability to use them. I fear not doing them justice. Not having an art piece turn out good enough. Not having the pictures successfully represent their beauty. It is the "not good enough" part that causes me to keep them locked away. "Not good enough" is not good enough for me anymore.

What a cathartic post! I wasn't expecting it to end this way! What an epiphany! I think I'll take my key collection and proudly display them in a bowl where I will pass them regularly and they can whisper to me and spark my creativity. They will say, "You are good enough! Come play!"


Jennifer Richardson said...

really fun to tag along
in your "aha!" moment:)
love the way you remember
and relate to keys much beauty there.
enjoy the ride,

beth said...

you love old keys the way i love old doors....what? i think there must be something to that....right :)

Glenn Stenson said...

You are the best which is more than good enough!!!!!!!

Jan said...

Keys are fun, you have some great ones! Glad you have them out where you can see them and be inspired by them. Remember if you choose to use them, they aren't gone, just some place else. I have a bag of them too, I should follow my own advice and put them out where I can see them. I do use them whenever I find a place for them in my art.

Elena said...

You already used them creatively. They have reopened the good memories in your heart. They sat in that drawer waiting for you the recognize the significance. You dream of using them artistically but you've done so here in your writing. You are a writer after all. Now display them and let their constant reminder bring joy to your heart.

april said...

What a beautiful collection! Love that big long one! And the one with the Lion's head on it - I remember that as a garage key. You will know when you have something to use them in. For now, let them think about it. I also love old keys; I have some from my old house when I was a child, including some skeleton keys. Love them!

Kim Mailhot said...

sounds like you have unlocked something pretty special here...
enjoy your new display !

John said...

Wonderful image and a wonderful message, using these keys to unlock you!

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