Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Things

Summer schmumer, what a bummer. This summer's been kind of a drag. Actually, it's been a real drag. We started with a flooded basement followed by a mess created from waterproofing said basement, followed by the discovery of mold/mildew as a result of said flood followed by forceful throwing of personal belongings, furniture and tearing out of drywall and carpet to remove hazard from asthmatic son's bedroom, followed by a broken garage door, followed by freak health condition causing unbearable pain resolving itself after a week of drugs, dentists, doctors and chiropractic care all trying to figure out where all the pain was coming from and why my left cheek was swollen and paralyzed. And we desperately need a new roof before winter! Whew! What a mouthful!

Thank God for the little things that keep me going and poke happiness into the crazed cloud of calamity. Little things like children's laughter, impressive skies, bumble bees, drippy peaches, singing birds, reading books, snuggling, funny movies and snapdragons that volunteer to grow each year unexpectedly planted by chipmunks traveling through the neighborhood. 

Sometimes when you are hang dogging, when things are looking down, it's up to you to find the little things, to look up and get your head back off the ground.

Care to share your list of little things creating smiles this summer?


Jan said...

so sorry for the deluge of troubles at your place. Glad you can find joy to cheer you up. Yes, it is all around us if we only can see it and can make even the worst events more bearable. My small list needs just one word: Windy.

John said...

Great post and a lesson in how to seek the best in life which prove so often to be the small innocent things in life. And in answer to your question, YOU. You make me smile, you make me think and remember. Thank you!

april said...

Oh my goodness! What a summer! No more of that! I love those snapdragons that pop up anywhere and give you a smile. Along with that, I guess baby robins and their worm-hunting moms, baby bunnies (even though they ate my "pinks" that I just planted, drowsy doves.....and "Henri".

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