Monday, June 24, 2013

Sky Poem

When feeling sad or feeling down
I gaze to the sky to turn it around.

With kids in the yard we flop to the ground
watching skyward as the cloud circus passes our town.

Storms roll in, sun shines down
depositing a beautiful rainbow without a sound.

Endless sky should make me feel small
instead it leaves me feeling part of it all.


april said...

I am sure going to try that! Beautiful photo and love your little poem. My granddaughter and I do look for "animals" in the sky.

Anonymous said...


So beautiful and so very true!

John said...

Great words and a great philosophy. Words that spread sunshine.

Kim Mailhot said...

You are a beautiful part of it all.

Light and love !

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh yum, these words are rich
and that cloud looks friendly enough
and i'm grateful to watch the sky
with you for awhile.

Molly said...

Gorgeous words, images, thoughts. Thank you.

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