Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bit Lost

If you know my blog, you know I have been MIA finding myself on hiatus for personal reasons.

While I was gone...
~ my heart broke but is now on the mend
~ I feared for my life then found hope that all will be well
~ I almost drown in a river of tears until I finally landed ashore
~ I realized I was blind to much and have since opened my eyes
~ I nearly lost faith only to land deeper in than I ever imagined

I have grown in self and in spirituality.It has been a very personal journey and it has changed me. I have been back for a few weeks now and am eager to jump back into blog mode, yet every time I sit down to the blank page, it feels different. I'm not sure how to approach the page anymore. 

I've sat and pondered, created and deleted, ignored the page, attempted a don't-think-just-do post, all with the end result being trashed instead of published. Today I decided the best route back is the route of honesty. This post might not be my best, it might not even make sense, but it is honest.

Things I have been working on...

I thought the following quote would make a wonderful affirmation. It is supercharged by the addition of one of my children's hands holding a piece of childhood magic gifted by Mother Nature. We call them "blow flowers" in our house.

Photo of my son's hand holding a "blow flower" as we call them.   © Lynn Retzlaff 

Thank you to all who have read my blog in the past and for those of you who are still hanging in there. Your love and support means a lot. Please bare with me while I find my footing. I am hoping to settle back into a comfortable posting routine again real soon.

Love to all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Poo on You!

Have you ever heard of the superstition that if a bird poops on you, it is good luck and money will follow? If this holds any truth, I am in for good times and a mega windfall! Check out what I woke up to a few weeks ago. This is our bay window.

Can't quite make it out? Step in a little closer!

Ewwwww!!!! Yup. That is all bird poo!

Poo induced or not,
I will take luck (and money) any way I can get it! 

~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I had a spurt of creative energy during my recent hiatus and have created some new encaustic pieces. They will be listed in my Etsy shop very soon.

Have a brilliant weekend.

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