Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bit Lost

If you know my blog, you know I have been MIA finding myself on hiatus for personal reasons.

While I was gone...
~ my heart broke but is now on the mend
~ I feared for my life then found hope that all will be well
~ I almost drown in a river of tears until I finally landed ashore
~ I realized I was blind to much and have since opened my eyes
~ I nearly lost faith only to land deeper in than I ever imagined

I have grown in self and in spirituality.It has been a very personal journey and it has changed me. I have been back for a few weeks now and am eager to jump back into blog mode, yet every time I sit down to the blank page, it feels different. I'm not sure how to approach the page anymore. 

I've sat and pondered, created and deleted, ignored the page, attempted a don't-think-just-do post, all with the end result being trashed instead of published. Today I decided the best route back is the route of honesty. This post might not be my best, it might not even make sense, but it is honest.

Things I have been working on...

I thought the following quote would make a wonderful affirmation. It is supercharged by the addition of one of my children's hands holding a piece of childhood magic gifted by Mother Nature. We call them "blow flowers" in our house.

Photo of my son's hand holding a "blow flower" as we call them.   © Lynn Retzlaff 

Thank you to all who have read my blog in the past and for those of you who are still hanging in there. Your love and support means a lot. Please bare with me while I find my footing. I am hoping to settle back into a comfortable posting routine again real soon.

Love to all.


John said...

Never mind the comfort, as you write from the soul so well and that is never easy!

Jennifer Richardson said...

this is so raw and beautiful
(such a gorgeous soul you are)
and I thank you
for honoring us
with such fresh honesty.
sending love and light,

april said...

you sound so much more comfortable with everything now.'s relaxing.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sometimes blog silence is necessary....when one returns, it is with a deeper understanding of what to say.
Blog when the words are there.
You'll know~~we'll read.
Glad you are much better!


Laura said...

Hi..good to hear of new direction and acceptance.

lila Braga said...

so good to see you are also back and so good to hear that your journey is heading towards the correct road now.
We sure do know how it feels hum!

Salem Witch Child said...

I have been in a similar situation. Glad your finding yourself again.

beth said...

thank you for your honesty and ability to share...xo

Glenn Stenson said...

Glad you're finding your way back, even stronger and better than ever before. I love the new you, you should too.

Elena said...

Your words are always perfect Sweet. Glad you're sticking to the changes in your life.

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