Friday, May 25, 2012

Poo on You!

Have you ever heard of the superstition that if a bird poops on you, it is good luck and money will follow? If this holds any truth, I am in for good times and a mega windfall! Check out what I woke up to a few weeks ago. This is our bay window.

Can't quite make it out? Step in a little closer!

Ewwwww!!!! Yup. That is all bird poo!

Poo induced or not,
I will take luck (and money) any way I can get it! 

~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I had a spurt of creative energy during my recent hiatus and have created some new encaustic pieces. They will be listed in my Etsy shop very soon.

Have a brilliant weekend.


Jan said...

That is a lot of poo! Was someone building a nest in your eaves? Riches coming your way for sure. Have you heard the joke about the Foo bird?
Nice to see you having a creative streak going again, nice work!

Robin said...

Fantastic new work Lynn!! I especially love the blue button one!
I have been pooed on more times than I care to remember. Not just my windows but ME! On my head when I was a kid.....on my arm while I was pregnant and walking into a wake.....I HOPE it means good luck!! Keep up the great work!

John said...

I had a little present from a bird on my head when I was on the way to work, I was about 16 at the time and I am still waiting...........:)

Love the new work and so glad to see your creative juices are in full flow again.

april said...

I have a deposit on one of my windows too, but only a penny's worth. I can not believe your window! Must have been a flock effort! Love your artwork; you have been busy!!

beth said...

i hope that's true as our son just got pooped on while sitting at the pool in florida....and he could really use the extra cash :)

beth said... the encaustics !!

Glenn Stenson said...

Your art isn't poo and either are you!

Elena said...

Ok ok I just have to ask. Don't you ever How the heck they did that? I mean was it a few of them? Ganged up together because you looked at them wrong earlier in the day? Followed you home and stalked ya from across the street waiting... waiting for the right moment. The ring leader giving the signal they dive off the branch into formation straight at your window... And like the best military fleet swoop away from the harmful glass at the last moment and release the bomb? Don't you wonder? Oh. It's just me. Ok. Yeah money and nothing but good luck coming your way!! heehee How can it not? Rockin' encaustics sweets. And please stop giving birds the 'stink eye' and avoid the retaliation.

rachel awes said...

so much etsy fun!
love your butterfly!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

so much brilliance created beneath
while the birds dove overhead!
(is that what is meant
by a shitstorm?)
much creative love to you,

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