Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Creative Juicing

Howdy Strangers!

It's been a while since I have been a regular blogger. The hiatus was well served and well deserved. Getting back into groove is proving harder than I thought it would be. In order to get my creative juices flowing, I have decided to tap into the ripe fruit of a local artist. This artist is so local, I simply turned around and asked some questions!

Interview with 9 y/o daughter
Interviewer (that's me!): "Why do you create so much art?"
Artist (Darling Daughter): "Because I have to and it makes me happy.
Interviewer: "How do you decide what you're going to make?"
Artist: "Ideas just pop into my head."
Interviewer: "When you are creating, do you always know how you want it to look when it's done?"
Artist: "No. Sometimes I start making something and it decides how it wants to be. Sometimes I just sit down to draw and the picture comes out."
Interviewer: "How do you know when it's done?"
Artist: "It's done when I say it's done."

Words of wisdom and lots of creative juice here!

Bow, arrows, and quiver  created with the help of creative brother. Quiver made of cardboard, gift wrap & yarn. Bow & arrows are made from bamboo and yarn. Shirt & necklace by Darling Daughter Designs.

This diorama was in an art show. See the little fishy in big fishy's mouth? Fish are ceramic. Underwater world made of paper and imagination. Rocks are the real deal.

Darling Daughter's directions on "How to make a stuffie."  (stuffed animal)
Original design!

Directions for head.

DD sketch contemplation on "what to wear for Halloween".


John said...

Wow, such talent, she seems to have the best of both, creative and organized.

G-Pride Farm said...

Chip off the young block Mom. You've taught her well. :)

beth said...

i loved this little peek into your life....and wow, her creativity is amazing !!

Jan said...

so glad you allow her creative talents to bloom and grow!

april said...

Darling Daughter is a wonderful artist! Imagination and creativity! And she's a cutie! I love everything - have to try to make one of those puppies; thanks for the "tutorial"!

Jennifer Richardson said...

stirs my heart
and makes my fingers itch
to draw
and paint
and create:)
thanks for the sweet share,

Elena said...

I JUST LOVE DD!!! Her answers were spot on perfect. LOVE THE DIORAMA!! And all her creations are oh so cool.

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