Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gentle Nudging Appreciated


Energy is all around us. We give of it, we receive it. There is negative and positive. The wind, the rain, a leaf decaying on the forest floor all exude and receive energy. People choose the energy given and received whether consciously or not and that energy affects us.

I have known energy vampires (extremely negative people who suck any positivity out of your day and leave you feeling negative and defeated) and have had more than my fair share of negative people and influences in my life. I have also seen my fair share of negative days where nothing seems to go right, my mood is the pits and I'm feeling mighty low. My saving grace is the fact that I was born an optimist.

I love to laugh, smile and love; tend to see the glass as half full; and have been able to move past most negativity. Part of the process has been to choose not to have hurtful people in my life, to act consciously and think positively.

With all the work and awareness, pain still enters. Sometimes it is brought on myself by letting my guard down and allowing others words to hurt me. Other times it is by my own actions when not fully staying aware. Allowing myself to throw out negativity attracts more back. Still other times it may be due to the simple human flaw of misunderstanding (we drag our baggage with us and may think someone is saying one thing when really they meant another).

This happened recently to me on a blog. I truly love this blog and read it regularly. On occasion the author says things that cause me to bristle, but I move on without judgement and love the parts I love and disregard what may not be for me. She did not have the same respect for her devoted follower.

I decided to comment on a post and fear I may have added too much sarcasm, forgetting the typed word does not show inflection (like a voice). Not everyone grew up with the sarcasm and crass humor I did. That should be obvious to me but was overlooked. All posts on this blog must be accepted by the owner. She accepted and proceeded to attack. Yikes!

I will admit my fault in not re-reading my reply. I most likely would have noticed how my approach in the reply could have been construed as "not nice". I was thick on the sarcasm. I do wish the blog owner would have simply rejected my comment and pointed out my wayward words somewhere other than the thread so I could be enlightened without ridicule. To make it look ugly (which is not what I intended) and then to attack was a lot of unnecessary negative energy.

This is my admission of fault in the matter and my wish to the universe to continue to guide me on becoming ever more positive. Dear universe, when I stray or am perceived as being astray, gently guide me back on track thus keeping negative energy at bay. Negative energy can build and build. I wish to be a positive beacon of light so that I may reflect negativity and brighten the world.

I am only human with good moods and bad, positive thoughts and negative, ups and downs. I have made many mistakes in the past and will make more in the future. I am aware of this. I am also aware that I am learning and I have choices. I choose positivity to both give and receive. I choose.

I am aware that I used the word "I" entirely too much in this post, darned it! Will have to work on that for next time. Hitting the sack for now my friends. Love and peaceful vibes to you.

(p.s. the universe already knows the story behind the picture above. for all you sentient beings, this was taken a few years ago during a fall camping trip in Door County, WI)

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