Monday, February 17, 2014

Cat In Need

Rescued Alley Cat Seeks Forever Home

Soft paws.

Rough & tumble (he is an alley cat after all).

Loves his belly scratched.

Gets along well with other animals.

If you know of someone who has space in their heart and home for this fellow let me know. All he needs is a little love!

Darling 10 y/o Daughter (creative genius that she is) decided to create an alley cat. Her normal style is cute, neat, and fancy. I'm not sure what inspired this little fella but she put a lot of time and detail into his existence. He was just getting his stripes when…

He was gone.

Her brother found him in the trash.

Brother - "I found this in the trash! What was it doing there?"
Sister - "I didn't want him. He freaked me out!"

She said his red stitched spine was the freakiest of all. Whatever possessed her (literally?) to create him must have known what it was doing as the energy it put off creeped her out! Now THAT is some powerful creativity!


Laura said...

I would like to adopt this Alley Cat! How much for Adoption?

nacherluver said...

How very kind of you Laura! He will be so very happy in your home as I know you will appreciate him! Does $5 sound fair? That's enough to cover shipping and put a few pennies in her piggy bank! It will also show her that all her creations are valuable! What a generous act! You'll have to know what you name him. ;)

Jan said...

if Laura renigs on her offer I will give this little alley cat a home.
How is renigs spelled, anyway? Oh, renege.

Laura said...

Oh Jan....Sorry honey....he's mine. but If I every need a sitter would you be so kind to help out?


Doris said...

Great rescue story!

Elena said...

LMAO! Oh I was about to say I'll save him but Laura beat me. Well it's going to a good home for sure. But if ya happen to find anymore roaming your yard let me know. You people are lovable nuts.

Em said...

And I totally missed out, but I would adopt him too! (And pay the adoption fee.)

Seems like she could have an Etsy.

april said...

Yep! I think she has to make more! Putting in my order!

april said...

oh...and I think they should have names!

Laura said...

Waiting for his excited.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love it that she can hold a story so close to heart
that it takes on a voice of it's own:):):) simple brilliance:)
big hug to you all,

Laura said...

Andy had made it to his new home.

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