Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Laugh A Little

Does this cat make my butt look big? 

Avoiding. I have been avoiding lately. Avoiding a very important writing project that requires time, patience, heart, soul and me. I know it is going to consume me and challenge me and change me. I   know I need to write it for me. 

I tend to put myself last. It's easy to focus on other people when your house is full of them. When they all head out the door for the day I am left with a house that needs attention so I put the house first. 

When the house sits silent and undemanding, I can hear the paper calling. I saddle up with pen in hand. The ink hits the page and the truth spills out. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Scary. So I humor myself.


Glenn Stenson said...

Stop avoiding, start doing. Look at me, at little a day and presto! You are a writer with something to say. So come on! Share your wise, thoughtful, loving thoughts. The world needs to hear them. We're waiting.......

Anonymous said...

I don't think anything could make your butt look big!

Oh, I so understand! I am finally, finally almost ready to start a project that I had started and then stopped a bit ago. I know that when it is done, I will no longer be the person I am now. I think that is good. But also, a bit of a leap in to the unknown. So I get this, I do.

I will say that I know you are an incredible writer.

John said...

Your sense of humor always shines through An essential I believe for a writer, Mom, Wife, Cat comparer, etc... Your story is done,it is already there, this you know. You just have let it tell itself.

Jennifer Richardson said...

write on, dear woman
(with a perfectly proportioned back side, i must add);
your thoughts are ever so worthy
of being written down
and shared:)

april said...

Adorable picture!...and I see you have written above (marbles)...i'm reading on.

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