Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 7

NaNoWriMo Day 7 - Fibromyalgia is kicking my butt. I am in some serious pain. I also have a fire in my belly for this writing challenge that I have not experienced in the past. It is built big and burning strong. I wrote in spite of my condition. I pushed myself and hit my goal for the day in spite of my pain and brain fog. I hurt like hell right now but my mind is happy, my heart is soaring, my soul found freedom in the words in spite of my body trying to hold me back. In spite of. Pretty powerful words when you use them for good. Words I am in love with today. The writing life. At times it literally hurts so good. Off to a hot bath and even hotter tea (to wash down a much needed pain pill). Hey! I'm not Superwoman you know!

Now it's your turn. I challenge you to go do something wonderful in spite of that which holds you back. Let me know how it goes, won't you? I do love a good share.

"Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."  ~ Gene Fowler

Letters I purchased after a tour at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum


Em said...

And here I thought doing NaNo while moving was a big deal. I got nothing on you!

You are a total rock star.

Congratulations and well done you!

I need to write like 2000 words today because I got caught up in the election yesterday. Firmly seating my seat on the seat!

Jan said...

I have total confidence in you that you will accomplish your goal this month. Nothing is going to stop you!!! I hope that fibro attack will BEGONE now that it sees it can't stop you. Nice try Fibro! now off with you and let the lady write.
I'm proud of you Lynn.

John said...

Really sorry to hear about you not feeling well but so pleased with your achievement. Ñ=

Glenn Stenson said...

Your word count is super, you're an awesome woman writer. You are a wonderment. In my eyes, you are Superwoman!

Uta said...

I am so darn proud of you!!! You are amazing and don't you forget it. May the fire in your belly keep burning strong and your fibro pain disappear. Love you girl!!!

Elena said...

I never had a doubt. I felt the fire burning and knew nothing would contain it. Let that spirit of yours soar Sweets. 12592! You've got to be as proud as we are!!

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