Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More than Mediocre

me•di•o•cre - adj.
Of moderate or low quality : ordinary (mediocrity)
(definition found in my handy dandy desktop Merriam Webster Dictionary)

I was thinking about the word mediocre earlier in the week. Truth be told it came to mind because that's the way I was feeling. Feeling mediocre is kind of a downer.

After pondering the word for a bit I had a bizarre epiphany.

Mediocre is a pretty lengthy and fancy word. The meaning does not do the word justice. How come "good" and "great" are so much better than "mediocre". They're plain little words without pizazz. I mean really. They only consist of one tiny little syllable! How great can they really be?

Mediocre sounds fancy, possibly even French with its "cre" ending. How grand a word you must be to prance around a sentence with four full and fanciful syllables.

I don't think the word gets the respect it deserves.

Hey, maybe it's the same for myself! Maybe I was feeling mediocre so I could have an epiphany about the word so I could see the correlation to myself! I feel mediocre, mediocre is so much more than it is given credit for, therefore, maybe I am so much more than what I give myself credit for!!! Yeah! I am pizazz, I am grand, I am so much more than moderate!

Gaaaah! Glad I released that crazy train of thought out of my brain. Now maybe there's some room to use for something more practical. Perhaps I could fill the space with kittens. Not literally, I mean to think about. Like as in "I could think about kittens" not "I should shove kittens in my brain to fill the space".


It's apparent my lack of sleep causes cranial consequences. I better go get some shut eye!


G-PrideFarm said...

I like your cranial purge tonight. Do you look into the future and see a new dictionary with added texting spellings coming? I for one will miss the vowels.....=)

nacherluver said...

That resource could be quite useful for parents wondering what their kids are saying, no?
I don't text. Not a big cell phone user. Would be interesting book to check out though!
Thanks for the info!

Life Potentials Network said...

This was a wonderful thread of thought and I do think you were onto something when you said "Yeah! I am pizazz, I am grand. I am so much more than moderate." Because that's the TRUTH! xo

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