Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have not blogged in a while.
I always mean to.
But never do.
I think about it.
I analyze it.
I say I will.
I find excuses.
Is it the fear of failure?
Is it the fear of judgement?
Is it the lack of time? (which is legit by the way)
Or is it something else?
Considering I signed up to this deal on my own
for myself
by myself
with no intended reason or purpose and no real goal
I have come to the conclusion that it is myself I fear.
My self-judgement
my fear of failure
my fear of what others may think
my fear of being me
I am okay with me
but are others okay with me?
That question leads me to believe I am not as okay with me as I lead myself to think.
Now that's something worth pondering.
This post is dedicated to the person I see in the mirror every day of my life.
I vow to work harder at loving you for you.


nacherluver said...

whew! I must really need work as I was just about to p.s. an apology for a bad picture of me!!! A big sorry to Me for self-criticism once again!

tangled sky studio said...

i hear ya sister! this is why i forge ahead and just put it out this post amd wish you all the best of your journey.


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