Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kids Ask The Cutest Questions

Kids ask the cutest questions and I adore them for it! Here is a conversation with my 3rd born son from last week.

C-man (with a rather inquisitive look on his face): "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes honey."
C-man: "Is there really such a thing as stink lines?"
Me: "Stink lines?"
C-man: "Yeah. You know. The lines that come off of someone who is really smelly."
Me: "Oh." trying desperately hard not to laugh "No honey. No such thing."

This particular son of mine is quite the sensitive soul and does not care to be laughed at. I remained stoic until he left the room at which time I ran directly to his father....

"OMG!!!! You'll never believe what C just asked me!!! OMG!!! He is so stinkin' cute!!!!"

I tend to be quite visual. A big part of the reason I found the question so funny is due to the fact that I instantly imagined him walking around this whole time looking for 'stink lines' on people to see if they truly exist. I honestly don't believe I ever thought 'stink lines' were a 'real' thing. Then again, I wasn't obsessed with Garfield cartoons either.

In honor of C-man, I would like to introduce you to Candy!

If ever there were a creature worthy of stink lines, it would be Candy. She's an old beagle that lives in our neighborhood. We became acquainted with her through numerous yard escapes. The first time she showed up at our door she stunk to high heaven! You could hardly get near her as she was covered in something with an unGodly smell. We called the vet on her rabies tag. They tracked down the owners. Several years later and many more visits, (we have since exchanged info. w/the owners as they always call us when she disappears and we now know where to return her), she shows up as if visiting old friends, always stinking.  It's as if she stops and rolls in all the local dog piles on her way over.

Darling Daughter walking Candy on one of her visits.  We had to wait for the owners to return home to return her.

Candy, you are such an absolute sweetheart but that scent you wear does not do you justice!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This blog has been quiet lately
I have been feeling quiet.
It feels good so I'm going with it.

I have taken to walking in the wee hours of the morning.
The light is absolutely irresistible.
The sun slowly rises and peeks through the trees like a child peering out from the covers,
"Is it morning yet?"
The rays stretch long and hard.
Day breaks through dusk with full serenade from feathered friends.

We splurged.
A canoe.
Early birthday present for yours truly.
Not in the budget.

Value of peace and serenity?

It's been a long, hard summer.
I have spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting, learning. 

The rest of the summer will be spent living in the moment
appreciating exactly what is in front of me.

Which is everything.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Norah Jones - Miriam

Have you seen Norah Jones' new video?
Watch out! Woman Scorned!

It's kinda dark. It's creepy cool.

Drat! It won't play on Blogger but if you click 'play' then follow YouTube link,
you'll be able to see it there. Go ahead. I'll wait.

I'm not sure how I feel about liking such a dark song, but I do, and with such a catchy tune, it has me hooked!
What do you think?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brain Food

I am constantly teaching my children and attempting to instill values in the hopes that something sticks. Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting through at all. Other times, I know I've hit the mark!

I taught them from a very young age that books are food for the brain. They nourish it and help it grow big and strong. A few days ago, at the library, Darling Daughter walked up to me with a mega stack of books.

Me: "Wow, Honey! That's a lot of books!"
DD: "Yeah, my brain is really hungry!"


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping Busy

Four kids
summer break
back-to-school season
eight birthdays to recognize
busy, busy busy!

I was present shopping the other day.
I ran across this book. It made my heart swell.
My husband surprised me with it the very next day!
If you click on this link, you can buy your very own.
There's a video of the author/illustrator! He's great!

image source
You can also go HERE to see images of the book, the author and a slew of other images that showed up in the search.

Did you know Mumford & Sons has a new album coming out?
It's called Babel.
You can catch a sneak peek HERE.
Haven't heard of them?
Let me tell you!
They are GREAT!!!!!
Looking for a morsel to try?
Allow me!

Now You!
I want to hear about you!
What have you been up to?
What new discoveries have you found?
Do tell! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Climb

I am a vine
climbing toward glory
clinging to my path the best I know how.

Dark skies move in carrying dangerous winds.
I am tried and tested.
I cling tight.

Reaching and stretching, gaining and growing.
My roots may be short but my reach is long.
I climb on.

Unwelcome guests may enter my space
pulling and tugging,
attempting to sabotage my growth.

I see the light and climb
higher and higher
drawing sustenance from that which grounds me.

Some days leave me tattered and torn.
Weathering storms and droughts
my will is strong.

Do you see me as weed,
as leaf, as vine?
I know God sees me as purely divine.

With Faith, I climb on.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Friend's Give-a-way

Head over to my friend and fellow blogger's page for a give-a-way.
John is an author, a healer, an artist and all around beautiful spirit.
(if you don't win, you can always follow one of his page links to his Etsy stores!)
He creates healing art pieces and is giving one of his prints away.
You can enter for a chance to win a copy of the print below.
For your chance, click HERE.
Your print will arrive all the way from Tenerife, Spain!
(Perhaps for some of you that's not so far. For me? It's quite dreamy!)

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